Occam’s razor

From Wikipedia:

Occam’s razor is a principle of parsimony, economy, or succinctness used in problem-solving. It states that among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected.


HabitRPG is a browser based RPG that allegedly helps you do more of your good habits and less of your bad habits.

By rewarding you for your successes and penalizing you for slip-ups, HabitRPG provides external motivation for completing your day-to-day activities.habitrpg.com

Crush things with Schwarzenegger’s tank

Now you have the chance to ride a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger and crush things together with him. Only one day left, so be quick: Enter to win!

You and a friend will get to ride shotgun with Arnold in his M47 Patton tank. Yes, Arnold has a tank. Yes, this is your chance to ride in it. Not only that, but you’ll also get to use the tank to crush something. And if you’re into working out, you can lift together on it too. There’s a high probability that this will be the best day of your life. Cigars included.

Birds on The Wires

Reading the newspaper one morning, I saw this picture of birds on the electric wires. I cut out the photo and decided to make a song, using the exact location of the birds as notes. I was just curious to hear what melody the birds were creating.
Jarbas Agnelli

“The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”
George Bernard Shaw

Magnus Carlsen’s app “Play Magnus” is now in the App Store

Magnus Carlsen, reigning World Chess Champion and the number one ranked chess player in the world, recently launched the app Play Magnus. In this app, you can play chess against a chess engine tuned to play like Magnus at different ages, starting at age five.

The app contains educational videos by Magnus himself. The first video lessons are free, but you’ll have to pay for the more advanced lessons. You can also participate in a contest that gives you the chance to play Magnus live in a secret location. According to Magnus, this is just the first step in helping the chess community bringing the game of chess to more people around the world. It’ll be interesting to see what the continuation of this will lead to.